The 2013 Course is Coming!

Yes, it’s already time to start planning the 2013 International Emergency Medicine Teaching Course.

This year’s course was incredibly popular, and it has convinced me that people are truly starving for a course like this. The faculty at the University of Maryland delivered an excellent educational experience for the course fellows, and it is indeed an honor to count myself one of them. My favorite part of the course was meeting the physicians from all over the world. I learned as much from them as they learned during the course. What a great group of people! An added bonus was getting to meet and collaborate with Chris Nickson (@precordialthump), who helps me keep this educational blog alive. His energy and enthusiasm for teaching and learning is infectious and truly inspiring.

One of the most important things I learned during the course was how much coffee a room full of international emergency physicians can drink in a day. Very impressive indeed.

Plans for next year include:

  • More emphasis on the “flip the course” model – where class time is spent discussing and collaborating
  • Continued integration of social media into the course, i.e. Twitter (the 2012 course, using the #IEMTC12 hashtag, had over 3 million impressions on Twitter!)
  • Phenomenal guest speakers…. Sorry, it’s a surprise for now!
  • Same great speakers as the 2012 course
  • New content-teaching in resource-limited areas, bedside teaching, use of social media to teach
  • More interaction and less “lecturing”
  • Yes, Amal Mattu (@amalmattu) will be back in all his glory…
  • Full-day cadaver (procedure) and simulation labs – participants get to evaluate teaching sessions and come up with creative ideas about how to teach
  • Tentative plans for a HUGE name keynote speaker… another surprise!
  • A new and improved website
  • Delivery of some course materials to registrants PRIOR to the course beginning (“flip the course”)
  • Establishment of a mentoring relationship with the course teaching faculty
  • More robust social activities for course attendees
  • Shorter days – giving attendees a chance to take in the area, shop, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Baltimore, Maryland
  • All attendees will get a copy of what is now the course syllabus, a copy of the 2nd edition of Practical Teaching in Emergency Medicine
  • And much much more…

This is one of my new friends from Turkey, Haldun (@drjosepa). Super nice guy. Just look at the happy expression on his face. You could be that happy too if you join us in Maryland for what promises to become the premiere event in international teaching and medical education!

Course content, speakers list, and other plans for the 2013 course are already underway… The last thing we want is for the course to become stagnant, so we will strive to stay on our toes, utilize the latest and greatest educational technologies to deliver the course, and stay humble as we aim to help physicians from all over the world learn cutting-edge techniques for educating others. Although taught in the United States, the course is designed with the international physician in mind. We know that teaching and learning are handled differently throughout the world, so we want to deliver a stellar course that will help you as an educator, no matter what country you are from. This course will help you, your department, and ultimately your country!

Please contact me with any and all questions about the course:

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