MeduBrawl 2013

Welcome to MeduBrawl 2013! During the 2013 International Emergency Medicine Faculty Development and Teaching Course we will host the 1st annual educational smackdown….MeduBrawl. Ever wanted to see Michelle Lin with Rob Rogers in an academic headlock? Ever dreamed of seeing Amal Mattu and Mike Cadogan duke it out over the best teaching techniques? Then you won’t want to miss this live event in October in Baltimore, Maryland. Rob Rogers, Michelle Lin, Mike Cadogan, and Amal Mattu will debate (i.e. fight) each other over the best teaching techniques. From the flip the classroom model to blogs to Twitter, these educators will get in the ring and let each other have it. Folks, it could get nasty.

Our very own John Greenwood will moderate the smackdown festivities.



You can follow the smackdown festivities and watch MeduBrawl on Livestream. Date to be announced.

Don’t miss the Brawl in Balmer!!

For more information about MeduBrawl and the International Emergency Medicine Faculty Development and Teaching Course, check out


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      We are debating what teaching methods work the best. Should be entertaining. John Greenwood (of iTeachEM blog that Chris Nickson and I started) came up with the idea.

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