The Future of Education at SMACC


All the talks from SMACC are being released on the SMACC podcast and we’ve finally reached the end of the first of the three days. Day One finished with a fascinating plenary session on the ‘Future of Education’. From my point of view, it was awesome to be able to get a bunch of brilliant people together and have them talk about stuff I wanted to hear about.

If you’re into medical education and FOAM, you won’t want to miss out on any of the plenary:

I should also mention that even before the plenary began there was this two hour session on FOAM as it is, including its challenges and pitfalls:

  • SMACC FOAM Q/A — a bunch of hardcore FOAMers got together for a Q&A session on all of its facets — with audience participation, of course. It features Scott Weingart of EMCrit, Joe Lex of Free Emergency Medicine Talks, Simon Carley of StEmlyns, Minh Le Cong of PHARM, Oli Flower of ICN as well as Mike Cadogan and yours truly from LITFL and iTeachEM.

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