How to live tweet #FOAMed from Keynote!

Ever want to tweet out your own lecture pearls, while lecturing?  Want to make sure the #FOAMed community is receiving the top pearls from your talk?  Well, if  you use Keynote there is a way set this up in under 10 minutes using a recently updated open-access app called Keynote Tweet v2.5 by Alan Levine.

Keynote Tweet makes live tweeting SIMPLE by allowing the presenter to add a short Applescript to their presenter notes, which will then automatically send a tweet  as soon as that slide appears in the actual presentation.  You can even set your tweets to automatically include hashtags such as #EMConf, #FOAMed #smaccGOLD, or #IEMTC13!

Now I do have to warn you that setting this up isn’t completely click and go, but once you have it set up it you should be good to go.

 Install some necessary code

  1. Run the Terminal application. (Search for it in your applications folder)
  2. At the prompt, type: sudo gem i twurl –source
  3. Next, enter your system admin password (your OSX password)

Allow your computer to send Tweets

  1. Open your web-browser and go to
  2. Create a new Twitter developer application
  3. The application name needs to be unique, and can be whatever you want.  I chose “FOAMedKeynoteTweet”. You can use this for the description field too.
  4. For website: Enter your blog, website, or you may even be able to use something as simple as your facebook page.  In the fine print it does say you can use a “placeholder” here if you don’t have your own site, so it doesn’t appear to be an absolute necessity.
  5. Agree the terms & click create your Twitter application.
  6. Important: Click the 2nd tab ‘Settings’ on the tabs under your application name.
    • Change ‘Application type’ to ‘Read and Write’.
    • If you do not change this, you will not be able to send tweets!
    • Click ‘Update this Twitter application’s settings’.
  7. Locate the following information under the ‘Details’ tab
    • Consumer-Key
    • Consumer Secret
  8. Return to your Terminal window and paste this line of code:
    twurl authorize –consumer-key ENTER YOUR KEY HERE –consumer-secret ENTER YOUR SECRET HERE
  9. The Terminal window will return a web address.  Copy the complete web address and paste it into your browser, hit return.
  10. Click ‘Authorize’ to allow Keynote Tweet 2.5 to access your Twitter account
  11. You will be given a pin code. Copy and paste this into the Terminal window and hit return.
  12. That’s it!  Now your computer is able to send it’s own tweets.

Set-up Keynote Tweet

  1. Download Keynote Tweet v2.5 here
  2. Copy Keynote Tweet 2.5 to your applications directory. I also keep my in my dock along side the Keynote application itself.
  3. Run Keynote Tweet 2.5 and enter any hashtag (#_____) or handle (@_____) you wish to include. These items will be added to the end of any tweet you send out.
  4. Run Keynote.  Anything between [twitter] and [/twitter] within your slide notes will be tweeted once you reach that slide in presentation mode.
  5. In order for your tweets to be sent out during your presentation, you must:
    • Have a working internet connection
    • Be logged in to Twitter
    • Have the Keynote Tweet app running along with your presentation.

Make sure to check out Alan Levine’s site if you have any questions about the app or just want to leave a big #FOAMed thanks!!

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  1. says

    Interesting….may give it a go.

    I managed to pull this off during the ‘real airway experts use checklists’ pro debate at #smaccGOLD

    …but I just used TweetDeck to schedule tweets to pumpmout every 15 secs or so so Minh was deluged in a torrent of tweets as well as my passionate argument.

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