UMEMLive Brings You Live FOAMed!

FOAMed has become an essential part of our lives in emergency medicine and critical care education and has revolutionized the way we learn, teach, and assimilate information. There are lots of great things out there in the FOAMed world, and we at the University of Maryland would like to take it to the next level. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you….UMEMLive.

FOAMed and how it’s delivered:

  • Blogs (lots and lots of great FOAMed blogs out there)
  • Websites
  • Podcasts
  • Tweets
  • Google Hangouts
  • Online videos (e.g. Amal Mattu’s ECG video series)
  • Text documents
  • And a whole lot more…

Check out the fantastic post about FOAMed on Life in the Fast Lane by Chris Nickson.

What is UMEMLive?

UMEMLive is a new program developed by the University of Maryland Department of Emergency Medicine. The goal is to take FOAMed to the next level and provide live, high quality educational sessions and FOAMed content. What better way to spread the FOAMed wealth than to do it live?

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How do we provide UMEMLive content?

The Livestream HD500 is our new baby. It’s a multifunctional, multicamera live production studio. We have piloted it during our grand rounds (, and we will be using it during the 3rd annual International Teaching Course in April 2014. The really neat thing about the HD500 (and the broadcaster below) is the ability to moderate live comments that come in through our personal Livestream blog. People watching the live presentations can type in comments and ask the speakers questions. Truly awesome. Here is the link to our Livestream site where you can watch the most recent recording of our grand rounds: UMEMLive


We also use the Livestream Broadcaster. I have used this for the past 2 years to broadcast the International Teaching Course. It’s relatively inexpensive, $500 USD, and is very easy to use. All you need is an internet connection and a camera and you are up and running. I should also note that you need a Livestream account (~$50 USD per month) to be able to broadcast. Videos are streamed live and stored on your very own Livestream site. You can send out the site link on Twitter, and people can watch live on the site as well. Very easy and very cool.



What does UMEMLive encompass?

  • Live tweets during emergency department shifts at the University of Maryland Hospital (Tweeting While Treating)
  • Live video feeds from the University of Maryland Emergency Medicine Residency Education Conference (Wednesdays 7:30am-11:30am)-Schedules will be sent out via Twitter
  • Live video feeds from select CME conferences run out of the Department of Emergency Medicine (more on that later)
  • Live video feeds from conferences around the world (in the planning process for this)
  • Live lectures from the International Teaching Course ( twice yearly in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Live cadaver/procedure labs with the Grandfather of Procedure Education, Mak Moayedi
  • Live simulation sessions with George Willis and other UMEM faculty (with the ability for viewers to ask questions and interact)
  • Future potential for live video feeds from the emergency department (patient privacy issues to be worked out)-UMEMLive ED Teaching (Teaching While Treating)
  • Future potential for livestreaming with Google Glasses-more on that in a future post
  • Updates on Twitter (Follow us: @UMEMLive)
  • UMEMLive audio updates on the iTeachEM podcast-audio file links sent out via Twitter
  • FOAMTv…yes, that’s what I said, FOAMTv. What about a live stream event where people can watch topics they want to hear about? Big plans being made…

Live Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds and Educational Conference-What’s the Content?

  • Emergency Medicine Board Review
  • Medical-Legal lectures
  • Grand Rounds
  • Core Content emergency medicine lectures
  • Code Blue sessions (resuscitation simulation)
  • ECG rounds with @amalmattu
  • and much, much more…

What happens if I miss a live event? The “UMEMLive DVR” is there for you

Well, it’s not actually a DVR, but it’s almost a DVR. Don’t worry, live lectures recorded at conferences and grand rounds are housed on our Livestream site. The link to archived presentations will be sent out on Twitter. That way you have your very own FOAMed DVR! Miss the latest educational offerings from the University of Maryland Department of Emergency Medicine? Don’t worry, you can watch them anytime you want-day or night, rain or shine. It just doesn’t get better than this.

Doesn’t UMEMLive cost a lot of money to access?

The simple answer….NO! Remember, it’s FOAMed. Live FOAMed from The University of Maryland. It just can’t get much better than that!

UMEMLive & Future Collaboration with the FOAMed World


We are currently looking for partners to work with on livestreaming EM/CC educational events. Of course, we are also open to the idea of streaming and collaborating on non-EM/CC courses and presentations. We have teamed up with the brilliant minds (Matt Dawson and Mike Mallin) who run the CastleFest ultrasound course and will be helping broadcast 2 days of content during their course in April. It’s an absolutely awesome ultrasound course, by the way. You can follow them on Twitter @ultrasoundpod

If you have an interest in learning how to live broadcast a course feel free to contact us. You can also leave a comment in the comment section.



A podcast explaining the ins and outs of UMEMLive is currently being edited and will be up soon. Cheers.



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