Friendship, Motivation, and Altruism @ SMACCGold

I just attended the SMACC Gold conference in the Gold Coast, Australia, and I have to tell you it was the best conference I have ever been to. I have been to a lot of medical conferences over the years, some good, some average, and some not so great. SMACC Gold is by far the best one I have attended! This is a true gem of a conference. Roger Harris (@RogerRdharris),  Oli Flower (@oliflower), Chris Nickson (@precordialthump), and the rest of the crew have developed an incredibly unique conference. Attention conference organizers all over the world: If you want to have a better course you should carefully study what the SMACC conference has done right….everything!

Listen to Damian Roland (@Damian_Roland) explain why YOU should attend this conference:

Why is this such an awesome conference? 3 reasons…(there’s more but these 3 come to mind first)

Friendship (The People of SMACC)

I have to say that the most important part of this trip was meeting new friends. It was an amazing experience to meet such interesting, nice, and pleasant people at the conference. I won’t be able to name everyone (mainly because I am still a bit jet lagged), but a few include Aidan Baron, Natalie May, Simon Carley, Cliff Reid, Oli Flower, Louise Cullen, Damian Roland, Victoria Brazil, Sarah Webb, Bishan Rajapakse, Grace Leo, Casey Parker, Iain Beardsell, Minh Le Cong, Jeremy Faust, Jesse Spurr, Irma Bilgrami, Tor Ercleve, Andy Buck, Roger Harris, Todd Slesinger, Mike Mallin, Jen Williams, Matthew MacPartlin, Andy Neill, Tessa Davis, Michelle Johnston, Peter Fritz, and Nicholas Chrimes. If I left your name of this list please know that it’s only because I am operating on about 3 neurons at the present moment.

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I have never been to a conference that had such wonderful integration of physicians, nurses, EMS providers, techs, etc. Everyone attended to gain skill in their profession and to collaborate within the FOAM spirit. FOAM truly does bring people together.

I do need to mention that one important ingredient was missing during this course-my good friend, Mike Cadogan. Mike couldn’t make it this year, and he was missed.


Oh, and of course, I was lucky enough to be traveling with my trusty side kick (actually, I am the side kick), Haney Mallemat (@CriticalCareNow)…

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The folks who attend SMACC (we’ll call them “SMACCers) are the nicest folks I have been around. The conference is worth attending for this reason alone. If you didn’t attend SMACC this year in Australia you simply must attend when it comes to Chicago…you must go.

Even the foam on the lattes was heart shaped. That says it all folks!!

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Another really cool thing about this conference is that you get to meet folks who are really motivated and who want to do better at their profession. The conference has some expected medical and surgical presentations, but many of the talks are very unique in that they are truly motivational and inspirational. I still remember listening to Cliff Reids’s talk on “Being a Hero” from last years SMACC conference. Simply amazing.  This year there were also some incredible talks by folks like Cliff and a PK talk that will simply bring you to tears. Taken together, the talks at SMACC will motivate you to do better, to strive to improve how you treat patients and their families, and to “fire up the FOAM machine” and contribute to the wonderful world of FOAMed. I have never left a conference with as much motivation as I have right now. If you are looking for the “feel good” conference of the century, then you have to get yourself to SMACC…


One of the most interesting things about the people I met was their altruism and desire to simply do better for their patients. I haven’t encountered a group of people with such altruism at a conference before. The speakers and the attendees at SMACC truly love taking care of patients, and it shows. Going from presentation to presentation you truly get a feel for how much this group of providers likes patient care. And it’s infectious. You will leave this conference with a renewed spirit to provide the very best medical care you can provide. This is the ONE conference that has reminded mw why I went into medicine to begin with.

If you are looking for a conference that will “grill your corn,” then look no further….SMACC is your conference. Get thee to SMACC!!

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The 2015 SMACC Conference is in the USA…Chicago. #smaccUS

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