Brazil on Evidence-based Education


Victoria Brazil, perennial star of the SMACC conference, tackled another education topic at smaccGOLD last March. Yep, evidence and education – are those too words meant to go together? She asks ‘what works?’ and comes up with two valid answers: EVERYTHING and NOTHING. Puzzled? Listen in and consider what outcomes we should really be measuring […]

Learning Styles Do Not Exist

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A persistent myth in medical education is the theory of learning styles, especially the idea that people fall into categories of learners such as visual, auditory or kinaesthetic (VAK). According to this theory, visual learners should learn more easily when presented with visual information, whereas auditory and kinaesthetic learners should learn the same information more […]

Text, Slides and Videotape


Damian Roland is a meducation marvel from the UK. He’ll be part of the faculty for the SMACC Education Workshop in the Gold Coast next year (March 18th 2014, to be exact). He has already got his pre-course materials online here, amd it is all FOAM available to to everyone — even if you’ve missed […]

Hart on Simulation Debriefing

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I’ve previously featured a PeRL (peer reviewed lecture) by Danielle Hart, Director of Simulation at Hennepin County,  titled Teaching the Millennial Generation on LITFL. This time round Danielle speaks about the most important part of any simulation — the debrief. It’s everything you need to know, and largely based on Rudolph et al’s ‘Debriefing with good judgment’ approach. Highly […]

Brazil on Teaching Communication Skills

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  Victoria Brazil cranked out brilliant talk after brilliant talk at SMACC. In ‘Communication in the Heat of Battle’, she focusses on the most important clinical skill for ensuring that you and, more importantly, your patient survives the battle against acute illness. Of particular interest to educators is her emphasis on the need to simulate […]