The Teaching Course 2013

IEMTC participants

Last week we held the 2nd annual International Teaching Course in Baltimore, Maryland (greatest city on the planet). Our guest speakers included Mike Cadogan, Mike Stone, and Michelle Lin. The course was epic! 30 physicians from all over the world showed up to learn how to teach and make a difference in their countries We […]

How Twitter Has Helped Me


Is Twitter a faculty development tool? I would argue that it is perhaps the BEST tool we have. Of course I am not arguing to replace your mentor at your institution….I’m not giving up my mentor Amal Mattu no matter how much I get into Twitter! Many years ago I decided to give Twitter a […]

Make Your Audience the Hero

Miyagi & Daniel

One of the biggest mistakes lecturers make is failing to connect with their audience.  Last week’s post on the “Dr. Fox Effect” generated a bit of controversy about whether or not presentation style can affect the audience’s ability to learn from the teacher.  While this certainly can be debated, one thing we do know is […]

The “Dr. Fox Effect”

IEMTC participants

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Students? Revisiting the “Dr. Fox Effect” Take a moment and think back to the last lecture you attended.  What do you remember about the person giving the talk?  Was the teacher fun and engaging?  Or was it an incredibly boring experience where you found yourself looking at […]

The 2013 Course is Coming!

IEMTC participants

Yes, it’s already time to start planning the 2013 International Emergency Medicine Teaching Course. This year’s course was incredibly popular, and it has convinced me that people are truly starving for a course like this. The faculty at the University of Maryland delivered an excellent educational experience for the course fellows, and it is indeed […]