Getting to No


I recently sat down with Salim Rezaie, Swami, and Terry Mulligan during The Teaching Course just last month to record a new episode of iTeachEM…. We discussed the art of saying yes and no in your career. Please leave your comments here on the blog and tweet your thoughts about this very important topic.  

Captain Question Strikes Again!

SMACC audience for iTeachEM

Sit back, relax, and remember. You’re at a conference and a speaker has just given a reasonably interesting talk on something relevant to your speciality. You’ve listened and learned a few new things, heard a couple of surprising facts that you’re going to go away and think about. You’re just pulling out the conference program […]

MeduBRAWL 2013 is coming…

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If you haven’t heard already – we have a knock out group for the upcoming MeduBRAWL at the International EM Teaching Course this year.  If you aren’t excited about this you must not have a pulse. Here’s a little preview of what’s about to go down…. Mattu vs. Cadogan, Rogers vs. Lin, and much, much […]

MeduBrawl 2013

IEMTC participants

Welcome to MeduBrawl 2013! During the 2013 International Emergency Medicine Faculty Development and Teaching Course we will host the 1st annual educational smackdown….MeduBrawl. Ever wanted to see Michelle Lin with Rob Rogers in an academic headlock? Ever dreamed of seeing Amal Mattu and Mike Cadogan duke it out over the best teaching techniques? Then you […]

IEM Teaching Course Day 5

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It is sad that its has come to an end, but the International Emergency Medicine Teaching Course in Balitmore, Maryland is over. However, the friendships and the learning will live on. Review all the tweets from Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4. The stats and analytics of the #IEMTC12 hashtag are available […]