Brazil on Evidence-based Education


Victoria Brazil, perennial star of the SMACC conference, tackled another education topic at smaccGOLD last March. Yep, evidence and education – are those too words meant to go together? She asks ‘what works?’ and comes up with two valid answers: EVERYTHING and NOTHING. Puzzled? Listen in and consider what outcomes we should really be measuring […]

Brazil on Teaching Communication Skills

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  Victoria Brazil cranked out brilliant talk after brilliant talk at SMACC. In ‘Communication in the Heat of Battle’, she focusses on the most important clinical skill for ensuring that you and, more importantly, your patient survives the battle against acute illness. Of particular interest to educators is her emphasis on the need to simulate […]

Technology versus Learning

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The video of Victoria Brazil’s talk at SMACC on Technology versus Learning has been #FOAMed. With technology comes inherent boons and inherent evils, where does the balance lie when it comes to medical education? Found out by watching Victoria Brazil (@SocraticEM) in action: Here are her slides: [slideshare id=24615813&doc=future-of-education-brazil-130725093914-phpapp01] … and you can download the […]

The Future of Education at SMACC

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All the talks from SMACC are being released on the SMACC podcast and we’ve finally reached the end of the first of the three days. Day One finished with a fascinating plenary session on the ‘Future of Education’. From my point of view, it was awesome to be able to get a bunch of brilliant people […]