How To Organize A Safe Camp With Children

Get out of the routine, go to a more isolated place with the family, live a real adventure in an outdoor camp. It looks like a dream, and indeed it is! But great care must be taken so that the dream trip outdoors does not become a problem for the safety of the children – and the whole family. For beginning campers, preparation is key. A first-aid kit is a good start, but several other precautions are taken, especially if you’re camping outside a campground.

Here’s our first tip: if you can, choose a campsite with electric light, bathroom, communal kitchen. We know this takes away some of the magic of camping, but it makes the experience more comfortable for the little ones.

– Watch Out For Bonfires

Real camp, especially with kids, needs to have a bonfire so you can get together, tell stories and enjoy the family night. But be careful! Do not build a fire under low trees, never let the fire burn without someone watching, beware of hollow logs such as bamboo that could burst and injure someone, always wholly extinguish the fire before bed, and never leave children unattended near a bonfire.

– Watch Out For The Animals Around

Don’t forget that an adventure in the wild means you are surrounded by many unfamiliar animals. Even in private campgrounds, the proximity to the forest makes spiders, snakes, and insects’ frequent visitors. The most important rule? Never approach a wild animal. The others are: don’t forget to apply repellent, leave the tent closed at all times so that no animals enter, don’t go out for a walk at night, and always look at the ground before putting your hands or sitting down.

Also, keep your campground clean, free of dirty dishes or food scraps. As in the city, dirt and accessible food supply are attractive to animals. Oh, and if you’re going to take your pet on an adventure, don’t let him go into the woods alone.

– Beware of rivers and lakes

One of the great attractions of campsites is usually the presence of water sources, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls nearby. If not, the camp is close to the beach. In all these cases, great care is needed. Make sure your family follows proper water safety guidelines. Small children should use buoys and stay close to shore, adults who cannot swim should not try to dive into unfamiliar waters, no family member, no matter how good a swimmer, should be left alone in a river or lake. Check the weather before heading out for water activities. Rain or storms are not the time for water sports. Even with all the precautions you take, you may still need to bandage a bleeding knee or clean a cut. Ensure you always have a first aid kit with antibacterial ointment and bandages. You can always trust places like Mission Grit for example for your kids camping.

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