MMA Terminology Explained

We all love to watch UFC and if you are new to mixed martial arts (MMA), you might find it hard to understand the commentary. We can’t understand how anyone could not be into this amazing all-contact sport, but anyway, if that’s you, here are some of the terms used and their meanings.

  • Cage – Also known as the ‘octagon’, once the cage doors are closed, it’s just the two fighters and the referee.
  • Submission – Also known as a ‘tap-out’, this is when one fighter is in so much pain, they tap their hand on the opponent’s body and the referee steps in to stop the contest.
  • Stand up game – Everything that happens when the fighters are on their feet, which might be striking, kicking, using the elbows or knees.
  • Ground game – Once both fighters are on the ground, wrestling and judo skills come into play, with each fighter trying to gain top position. Check out MMA in Reading and watch the fighters wrestling on the mat.
  • Ground and pound – As the name implies, this is hitting the opponent from the top position, sitting astride their foe and raining down fists or elbows. This can be very damaging and a lengthy session might lead the official to stop the contest before the bottom fighter takes too much damage.
  • Calf kick – This is a tactic that can cause significant leg damage if a fighter aims for the same spot and many of the top MMA fighters use this technique to impede their opponent; moving can be difficult after sustained calf kicks.
  • Time-out – A time-out can only be called by the referee; it might be due to a foul kick or a finger poke; when time-out is called, the clock is stopped and the referee will allow the distressed fighter up to 5 minutes to recover. A time-out can be called if the referee is unhappy with the lack of action and he will give both fighters a talking to.
  • Rear naked choke – This is when a fighter gets to the back of their opponent and with their arm under the opponent’s chin, they apply pressure until such time as they tap-out (or lose consciousness). Getting the arm under the chin is the key to success, so the fighter being choked will try to tuck their chin into their body.
  • Split decision – There are three judges and after the 3, or 5 rounds, the judges score each round on a 10-pointmust system. In the event a judge has fighter A as the winner, while the second judge has fighter B, the third judge’s result decides the winner.

If you fancy training MMA, there’s bound to be an MMA gym not far from you, otherwise, enjoy the live UFC streams.

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