The Digital Landscape Of College Search

While authenticity and genuineness are two of the most important elements of the content shared by colleges online, the third element that really makes all the difference is speed. This is largely in part due to the fact that the college search process has become a bit of a race where colleges are pit against each other. Their battles are not physical, but rather a test of time to see who can place the right content in front of prospective students first. Similarly, racing to identify which platform the content they’ve created will be best delivered. As many colleges and brands alike have come to discover, most of the current age demographic for aspiring college students is sourcing their content from TikTok. This platform, which supplies content in short video format, typically accompanied by a unique ‘sound,’ is all the rage for these students. Understanding this, colleges attempt to flesh out a strong social media presence, which, combined with an informative website and optimized emails, can truly keep an aspiring student engaged with their content. Though these foundational ideas are sound and do yield a great deal of recruited students, there is always more to be done in the way of recruitment. For more information on the ways in which the digital landscape of the college search has transformed recruitment, please see the resource embedded alongside this post.

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