The Various Ways To Solve Doubts And Their Benefits

Today, the world has taken a more digital route and has changed how everyday activities are done compared to a generation ago. Ordering some groceries or reading a book, or maybe even purchasing an electronic device, these kinds of things are now more commonly done online than they used to be.

Solving a doubt for an IIT exam or any other test falls in this bracket as well. A couple of generations ago, asking a teacher or researching through an extensive amount of notes was the only way to clear a doubt. Today, there are many different ways, and they all have their pros. Let us have a look:

1) Traditional Way:

Asking a doubt or looking through a book to have a query cleared is beneficial. The traditional way has been used for generations for both school education and also something like IIT JEE holds up well even today. We get:

  • Personal opinion from the person we ask our doubts.
  • Attention to an individual and their doubts.
  • Easy language as we can solve the doubt through conversation.
  • A quick reference to the solution again if we are using a book to solve doubts.
  • Easier to revise the solutions

2) Online Search:

With the availability of the internet in homes today, it has become easier to use the internet for various research and study-related purposes. The benefits that online searching provides are:

  • A huge database of information for any subject can help solve any question as it is not limited to a person’s knowledge
  • Various sources are all available online to see and learn from
  • Audio, Video and text-based content are available
  • Easier to search on various topics with all the answers available instantly

3) E-Learning:

E-Learning is a new way of learning that has been growing steadily for the past few years. Online coaching classes or online learning applications provide a mix of the traditional and the modern way of learning. The benefits are:

  • Personalized coaching is available with private classes and provides group classes as well
  • Classes can be attended from home or any other place; all one needs is a smartphone or a computer with an internet connection
  • Provides written notes and video content along with teaching from actual teachers, making it a blend of the two previous styles of learning
  • Helps in regular exams and also courses like JEE Adv
  • Has a lot of scope for development as better technology and proper integration can lead to new ways and methods of learning

Learning has always been an evolving concept that has kept up with the changing times surprisingly well. Education should always use the available resources expertly, and the growing number of resources at hand can only be a good thing for the education industry. Offline learning and online learning have their merits, and one cannot be said to be better than the other. A mode of education that uses the best of both methods can be a way to go forward in the education sector.

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