What Are The Advantages Of Exercising Every Day For Children

Physical exercises in gyms such as Hot Ground Gym for example are essential for bone mineralization and muscle development. Thus, a child who practices them regularly can have stronger bones and muscles. This helps with balance, stamina, and the prevention of osteoporosis.

Improves Mental Health

Exercising frequently releases substances that give a feeling of pleasure and well-being, which helps to reduce anxiety and depression. Research has revealed that physical activities can prevent depression in children and adolescents.

Helps Maintain Correct Posture

Strong abdominal muscles improve posture and provide more support to the spine and pelvis. In this way, they help in the spine’s health and facilitate day-to-day activities. That’s because a strengthened abdomen prevents the spine from being overloaded.

Helps With Flexibility

Children are naturally more flexible than adults. This is because this capacity is lost over time if not worked on. Physical exercises maintain this flexibility, which is essential for us to make wider movements without getting hurt.

Promotes Socialization

Socialization is essential for the assimilation of behavior patterns, values ​​, and the development of feelings and attitudes for the collective good. In sports activities and games, it is worked playfully. In other words, the child ends up making friends and extending their experience beyond family life.

Teaches you how to deal with frustrations

Disputes, victories, defeats, and persistence in difficulties are elements present in competitive activities, such as sports and games, and contribute to the child’s maturity as an individual. That’s because they teach you how to deal with frustrations.

How To Keep Children Active At Home?

As we said, children are full of energy. With social isolation, all this energy is accumulated, resulting in more stress and irritation. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a routine of physical activities in quarantine. How is this possible? See our suggestions:

encourage games in which it is necessary to move, even with the children at home, such as jumping rope, jumping elastic, jumping hopscotch, doing jumping jacks, among other old games;

take advantage of technology in favor of physical activities, putting games that simulate exercises, such as dancing, tennis, and others;

call to do age-appropriate household chores. In addition to the sense of responsibility and care for the house, it is a way of moving around;

if you have a backyard, encourage them to play ball, ride a bicycle, rollerblade, etc.;

transform a space in the house into an activity circuit, with cones, sticks, etc.;

dance songs together.

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